Email Verification

1. Stop all the M-Pin services by running the following command in the M-Pin installation directory (default is /opt/mpin):

sudo ./mpin stop all</div>

You need to edit /opt/mpin/
Scroll down to the # Verification emails settings; section and amend/add the following parameters:

forceActivate: change this to False
emailSubject: set this to the subject you wish your verification email to have. The default subject is set as: 'M-Pin demo: New user activation'
emailSender: set this to the email address that you want the verification email to be sent from
smtpServer: the name of the SMTP server you are using
smtpPort: the port of the SMTP server you are using. Default is 25
smtpUser: the username of your SMTP account
smtpPassword: the password for the above account
smtpUseTLS: change this to True and uncomment it to enable it.

2. Now start all the M-Pin services:

sudo ./mpin start all

3. Visit the following URL again:

http://IP ADDRESS:8005

Your identity already exists in the browser, so the PIN pad will immediately ask you for your PIN to login.

However, as we now want to show email verification working, instead of entering your PIN, take the following steps:

  • Click the menu icon at the top-right of the PIN pad to display the identity management screen.
  • Click the pencil icon next to your identity, then Remove identity
  • Confirm it by clicking Yes, Remove it.
  • You will then see the screen which prompts you to create a new identity.
  • Enter your email address, then Setup M-Pin
  • You should get an email with an activation link. Click that activation link in your email to confirm your identity.
  • Click Confirm and activate to activate your identity.
  • Once you have activated it, close this screen and go back to your Identity page and click I confirmed my email.
  • The next screen with your new email address indicates that it has been verified.

4. Now just set up your pin and knock yourselves out!