Understanding User States

This page briefly describes the states of the User object and when they are assigned. A physical user is represented by a User object. The User object supports several states which shows the progress of the physical user through the various stages of the registration process and their current permissions, in order to access the system.

The following table shows the states of the User object in the chronological order in which they are normally assigned to a User.

State Description
INVALID The User object has been created, but the User registration process has not started yet; any newly created Users are in an INVALID state.
To start User registration, call the StartRegistration method. The INVALID state is also temporarily assigned to a User that has just been deleted until the User is physically deleted from memory.
STARTED_REGISTRATION The User object has been created, and the User registration process has started but not yet completed. The User’s state remains STARTED_REGISTRATION until the ConfirmRegistration method is executed successfully. The STARTED_REGISTRATION state indicates that if the registration procedure needs to be done anew, you must use the RestartRegistration method and not the StartRegistration method. The StartRegistration method will return FLOW_ERROR in this case.
REGISTERED The User registration has completed successfully and the User can now authenticate to the M-Pin System.
ACTIVATED Temporary state for the special case in which a User can be registered without going through a verification process, e.g. in the case of a demo app. In this special case, the ACTIVATED state is assigned to the User upon StartRegistration, which allows the ConfirmRegistration method to be called and to succeed without waiting for identity verification.
BLOCKED State assigned to a User upon reaching the maximum allowed number of unsuccessful login attempts (3 by default, configurable through the maxInvalidLoginAttempts option the in the RPS). Once this state is set, the end-user is blocked and should re-register.

The User class is as follows:

public enum State {

public String getId() {

public State getState() {

public String toString() {
return getId();